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Sighthound video stands out from most other ip camera security software for its sophistication and simplicity. Afghan houndborzoi azawakh general description the azawakh is a sighthound dog breed from africa. Sight hound definition of sight hound by merriamwebster. These dogs, capable of reaching speeds of just over 40 miles per hour, are still some of the calmest and most relaxed breeds of dogs in the house, provided they have enough routine exercise. Home security systems for mac also known as network video recording nvr. Downloadable computer software for recognizing, analyzing and tracking objects and people in video streams, analyzing motion sensor data from multiple video and nonvisual inputs, and for analyzing security and surveillance camera video images and displaying the analysis and images on a desktop application, mobile devices, and web browsers. Sight hound definition is a hound such as a greyhound that hunts and pursues game by sight rather than by scent. The earliest description of a sighthound in european recorded history comes. Tips for training scent and sight hounds vetstreet. Specifically, it works with any webcam that supports the standards used for plugging into a usb or firewire port including cameras that are built into laptops or monitors. But at home, sighthounds tend to be docile and sedate.

The fci however, categorize the sighthound group as a breed of hunting dogs, which are famous for their speed and sight. My aim is to create somewhere they can come and relax without the usual stresses associated with being away from home, boarding or kennels. Any way to access a video stream rtsp from sighthound by gilesmartin. Sight hounds are bred to be extremely alert, fast, and agile so that they can quickly identify and overcome game in a variety of sizes, from rabbits to deer. A number of breeds, or types of dogs, which do not hunt solely by speed and sight, as well as a number of nonhunting breeds, are currently being recognized as sighthounds, either informally or formally by kennel clubs, or lure and live coursing clubs. Training and working with sight hounds terrific pets. They are quick to learn and only really want to please their owner. Sighthound brings intelligence and computer vision to home and business security. Even better, sighthound is now completely free surveillance software for mac if you just. Download sighthound video modern application that enables you to detect moving objects in your webcam feed and save the videos containing motion to a file. Smoking crack is where the name comes from because of the crackling sound it makes when smoked. With this app you can view your cameras remotely, be alerted to people who have triggered rules you set, and search through clips of camera.

Perhaps surprising to many people is the sedate indoor demeanor and behavior of the sight hound dogs considering they are the fastest canines on the planet. Connect your sighthound video to notifications, pushbullet and more. I inhaled correctly but nonetheless nothing happened except a slight mouth numbness were we sold fake shit or did we just smoking it wrong. Sighthounds people detection software is easy to install. Jul 24, 2017 crack entered the scene sometime in the 1980s, and it has since been one of the most used and abused illicit substances. Sight hounds or sighthounds or gazehounds are dog breeds that hunt primarily by sight. Sight hound off lead or leash training part 1 youtube. Upgrade to home or pro and get a credit for the basic price. Setting up sighthound video with an installed onvif camera. Langley, bc, 17 june 2012 whippets, greyhounds, afghan hounds. Shocked morning commuter films man smoking crack pipe on top deck of. Keep reading below to find out more about the 11 most popular types of sighthounds in the world.

Instead, they are included in a generalized hound group. Sighthound video is super smart surveillance software that monitors and records video. They are trustworthy and loyal and often stay near you when you walk with them on the loose, but one must constantly be aware that they can in seconds, be miles away, if they see something to chase after and if there is something to see then they will see it. Research has confirmed the harmful effects of smoking on eyesight, particularly in the development of agerelated macular degeneration amd one of the uks leading causes of sight loss and cataracts. You must expect an adjustment period and, during this time, and you must spend quality time with your new hound. Upgrade to pro and get a credit for the home price.

Aug 07, 2011 haha like it classic and rare vines to watch when you lose your will to live duration. Video of rob ford smoking crack cocaine has been released. Sight hound sighthound seems to me that sighthound is in more common usage, and should be the proper page richard hawkins 22. Feb 06, 2016 just a little trailer about the before and after of smoking dope. Eric keith white smoking crack and looking crazy and stupid in houston, tx. Sighthound media rolls out the welcome mat to your clients with playful, quickly delivered video productions and animations guaranteed to engage with your audience.

On the left is my friend ann chamberlain who knows all about fun racing. The akc hound group is composed of over 25 breeds, and includes the sighthounds, dogs that pursue their prey by keeping it in sight. Sighthound will autodetect any ip cameras connected to your network and begin running the video feed through the sighthound software. Patented ip that tops commercial and academic benchmarking tables. Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and oneofakind products and gifts related to your search. In this shop youll find unique sighthound products. Our work is timeless, and will bring joy to your family for generations to come. The software hides some very advanced computer vision technology behind an intuitive interface. Training a sight hound to be just such as dog will require patience and practice, but it is certainly not impossible or overly challenging. Sighthounds such as the salukisloughi type both named after the seleucid empire have existed for at least 5,000 years, with the earliest presumed sighthound remains appearing in the excavations of sumer dated approximately 70006000 bc.

If your camera isnt among the hundreds of preconfigured models, you can add it manually in a minute. Journalists from gawker and the toronto star first reported on the video which had not previously been seen by the public in may 20. The video of former toronto mayor rob ford, shown first to media and later in the extortion trial of fords friend alexander lisi, was released. Stateoftheart deep learning solutions from sighthounds own computer vision research lab. Our patented deep learning computer vision technology teaches your cameras to see. These pages are very informative with many good photos. Some months ago we got a beautiful rescue lurcher we named bree. Normally for software to be this easy to use you are. The software is able to monitor video feeds and detect humans and objects.

Boards are the best place to save images and video clips. They typically have a lean head and body, flexible back, deep chest and long legs which help pursue prey with speed and agility. Avoid the pitfalls of most systems that rely on motion detection to trigger alerts. Sighthound 0 comments i am taking emergency commissions, these commissions will be used to help aid in gas and food for a trip to see my grandmother that is currently in the hospital. Sighthound video is powerful computer vision technology that brings intelligence to your surveillance system by detecting people and other objects in the live camera stream. Computer vision and recognition engine, api, sdk, and video. Sight hounds are often guilty of running away, chasing after animals and not coming when called although these are also common scent hound complaints.

My rescue 2 year old sight hound off lead training part 3 shes a great dog but like other abused rescue sight hounds she is ready to bolt after rabbits, squirrels, cats and other dogs in a second. Sighthound video has been trained to recognize people and objects in the same way that a human brain works. Crack differs from typical cocaine in several ways. The key to training and working with sight hounds is that people have to realize that they have been bred to have incredibly good eyesight and a focus on movement in their environment.

Stateoftheart computer vision to developers, embedded device manufacturers, and surveillance software users. Some sighthounds are capable of reaching speeds of 40 miles per hour or more but, as pets, many are perfectly content to laze the day away on the couch. This pc software is suitable for 32bit versions of windows xpvista7810. They are a diverse group, ranging from the lowslung dachshund to the fleetfooted greyhound. North carolina photographer specializing in action and event photography. I went to my first for fun sight hound straight race on june 27th, 2009. Support articles, user forums, and tutorials for accounts, licenses, remote access, configuring cameras, installation and setup, mobile notifications, alerts, and rules. When they are in the field and on the job, a sighthound at work is a sight worth beholding. They love their zoomies most of the time but they also like to sleep. The most frequent installer filenames for the program include. Sighthound video is security cam software that works with pretty much all webcams. A sight hound is a breed of dog developed to find prey by sight and then pursue it. About the sighthound club sighthounds are different, they just are.

Shes a great dog but like other abused rescue sight hounds she is ready to bolt after rabbits, squirrels, cats and other dogs in a. It doesnt just detect motion, like most other security software, it detects and tracks people. Online shopping from a great selection at books store. However, they all are dedicated to the tasks for which they were bred, whether coursing over rough terrain in search of gazelles, such as the afghan hound or the. Whether through still photography or video, we spend time with our couples, getting to know them, so that we can more fully tell their story. She is dedicated to sighthounds and furthering the knowledge of them, their wonderful ways and their artistic beauty. Smart security camera software for homes and businesses. Browse 37 sight hound stock photos and images available, or search for guard dog or greyhound to. So me and friend tried smoking a few rocks out a meth pipe with a jet lighter, it turned to liquid and released a plasticky chemical smell, and we got a lot of smoke.

No matter what youre looking for or where you are in the world, our global marketplace of sellers can help you find unique and affordable options. See about support and upgrades subscriptions for more details. The infamous video of torontos former mayor rob ford smoking crack cocaine is now public, and for the first time can be viewed outside a. See more ideas about dogs, dog breeds and beautiful dogs.

Breeds considered to be controversial, not having by origin a sighthound function. Sighthound video is software that has been trained to simulate the human brains recognition abilities. If you work, your evenings will be committed and you might have to get up a little earlier. Sight hound off lead or leash training part 3 progress.

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