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Mesaboogie rectifier cabinet designs are known worldwide for their huge sound. Ruby tubes replacement tubes kit for the mesa dual rectifier. The express line of guitar amplifiers was released in 2007, and has essentially replaced the fseries in the mesa boogie line up. Its anyones guess how many gold and platinum albums have been recorded using a dual rectifier, but its a pretty substantial number. The amp has 100 watts and the aformentioned 3 channels which are changed through the use of the included big foot footswitch. We could add quite a lot of gain and the tone was still meaty and defined.

Marcus daniel demos the new mesa boogie multiwatt dual rectifier. Using silicone diodes, these amps had a sound beyond that of fender or marshall and had a gain level and feeling all its own. A cool lead tone on my 1996 two channel dual rectifier head. I purchased my dual rec 3 channel used and just wasnt getting what i wanted out of it. In 2010 mesa boogie unveiled a new take on the dual rectifier, this amp features the ability to toggle each channel independently between 100 and 50 watts in a fashion similar to the mark v. This is a tubed preamp and tubed amplifier designed and manufactured by mesa boogie. This is my clean tone on my 1996 two channel dual rectifier head. Smiths modifications gave the small amps much more input gain, making them. From sparkling cleans to halen to page to scooped metal to knopfler or any of your favs, this amp has every sound imaginable mesa boogie dual rectifier 50w100w select for each channel with raw, vintage, modern, pushed and clean multiwatt channel selectable power, effects loop, channel assignable rectifier choices with rectifier. Mesa boogie diagrams, schematics and service manuals download for free. Can i remove power tubes in a dual or triple rectifier head. Aug, 2010 their latest is the multiwatt dual rectifier. During a tracking session, we compared a mesa boogie dual rectifier, a modified peavey 5150 and a modified peavey triple xxx.

Here is a short clip of the dual rectifier recorded direct using the slave out with a cab simir. The lineup began as the dual rectifier series of amps, which included the solo. Jun 21, 2010 marcus daniel demos the new mesa boogie multiwatt dual rectifier. Les concurrents directs du mesa boogie dual rectifier sont des amplis highgain. Mesaboogie is a leading innovator of guitar amplification technology whose product line includes the mark v, dual and triple rectifier, lone star. The mesa boogie dual rectifier roadster head is a tube based guitar amp head that has a 14 inch input in the front for your guitar and also has an speaker cable output to send this amp head to a cabinet. The 2010 mesaboogie dual rectifier is a three channel amplifier capable of either 50w or 100w power selectable by switching powered by 4 x 6l6, 5 x 12ax7, and 2 x 5u4 tubes. You, smart player and all around intuitive human, have put your trust in us to be your amplifier company. This threechannel recto comes with a logoembroidered slip cover, a redesigned 6button footswitch, and the associated footswitch din cable.

New and improved effects loop, now series the old dual rectifier had a parallel loop which is selected via footswitch or can also be fully. If you run an 8 ohm load on your amp, youll likely find your cabinets now sound better plugged into your 4 ohm speaker output or that a 16 ohm load sounds best plugged into the 8 ohm output. Version i amplifiers have a twoposition mode switch for channel 2 labeled vintagemodern. Its a much improved version of this amp that fixes all the issues i listed above. Mesa boogie dual rec 100 head 3 channel with diamond plate. How can i tell which version single rectifier amp solo 50. Vox amps from that time period are very similar as well, as much a clone as marshalls, maybe even closer.

Ive found that when playing drop tunings down around b or a or 7 strings at very loud volumes the dual recto will occasionally run out of headroom and start compressing chords. The clean and pushed modes found in channel 1 are based on the popular lone star and mark v and represent some of our best clean and crunch sounds. Ive been looking at getting a new amp head and cabinet, and have been looking at the mesa boogie but the price has been putting me off. Bold, spongy, and rectifier selection warpedmusician. The dual and triple basically sound the same, however the triple will have more headroom. Feb 17, 2018 fja modded mesa boogie dual rectifier 3 channel clip 1 by fjamods. It was still genius for the time period, to take a fender amp, change 6l6s to el34s which gave more blaze, then temper that with a closed cabinet. The following schematic is sample only, download the complete schematic diagram from the links provided in this post. Mesa boogie dual rectifier old vs new part 1 youtube. Does anyone know of anything that offers what the mesa does but at a cheaper price. Thats not to take anything away from their smaller siblings but unless youve experienced the majesty of a 4x12 rectifier cab youve yet to truly understand what.

Uses two kt88 and two kt66 tubes for power, volume, strong mids and full bottom end. Mesa amplifier tube troubleshooting video mesaboogie. Mesa boogie fillmore 50watt 1x12 combotoday we see some radical upgrades to the recto line. It has two channels that both have traditional parameters for eq, gain, and volume. The wattage can be assigned to one channel or split into 50 watts across two channels.

The dual rectifier set the bar for amplification in the world of heavy music for over. The following diagram is mesa boogie dual rectifier solo head schematic diagram. One of these is to select bold and spongy and affect overall voltage to the amplifier, with bold being full power and spongy reducing power by about 20%. The amp can be powered by either 6l6 or el34 power tubes and contains a fixed bias for maintenance free operation. Elle a gagne en fonctionnalites mais a perdu son authenticite et sa tres forte personnalite. Feb 16, 2016 on the back of every mesa engineering dual rectifier, there are 2 switches to select options for the power supply. It is also one of the best things tube amplifier operators and fans can familiarize themselves to with optimally maintain and even fix your mesa amplifier when a tube decides its time to fail. New listing mesa boogie 1x12 mini recto slant guitar speaker cabinet, 1x12, 60w, 8ohm. Mesa was started by randall smith as a small repair shop which modified fender amplifiers, particularly the diminutive fender princeton. Vacuum tube troubleshooting is both an art and a science and occasionally a necessity. Ive always thought that the dual rectifier would be the ultimate modern rock amp.

Were obsessed with tone and know that materials, little things like grams of glue and even the adhesion process make a huge difference in the. For decades a key ingredient to the sonic nature of rectifier cabinets has been the celestion vintage 30 that is custom made to mesas specifications by celestions crew in ipswich, england. Mesaboogie also known as mesa engineering is an american company in petaluma, california, that manufactures amplifiers for guitars and basses. Sep 18, 2009 enter the dual and triple rectifier stacks, marketed under the mesa engineering brand and so beloved of metallica, korn and slipknot. Install in accordance with the manufacturers instructions. A brief history of mesaboogie amplifiers reverb news. Its been more than 25 years, two generations of guitarists and several musical trendcycles since the dual rectifier first unleashed its crushing wall of gain on radio. If you run an 8 ohm load on your amp, youll likely find your cabinets now sound better plugged into your 4 ohm speaker output or that a 16 ohm load sounds best plugged into the 8. The chrome diamondplate grille, textured black vinyl covering, leather corners, polished knobs, and standard mesa boogie and dual rectifier logos complete the toughguy industrial look.

These closed back enclosures are tight, punchy and incredibly articulate. Mesa boogie is a leading innovator of guitar amplification technology whose product line includes the mark v, dual and triple rectifier, lone star, transatlantic, mini rectifier, and most recently the new mark five. Material wealth at first glance, the new recto looks exactly like its predecessors. Congratulations on your choice of the new three channel dual or triple rectifier head as your amplifier. Mesaboogie is an american company in petaluma, california, that manufactures amplifiers for. In 2010 mesa introduced the multiwatt dual and triple rectifier. Each come stock with our custom, english made celestion vintage 30 speakers. Mesa boogie dual rectifierroadster tube kit dougs tubes. Amp allows you to assign either 2 or all 4 power tubes to each channel for power. It has very rich harmonics and responds well to the guitar volume control although it doesnt clean up as rapidly as the jvm as i roll off the volume. Their two channel relatives launched a sound back in 1990 that would come to define a musical style and now, 20 years later, are synonymous with high gain guitar.

I have been searching for the dual rectifiers and some say solo head while others say 100 watt. Bedienungsanleitungeninformationen meinl distribution. The mesaboogie dual rectifier three channel head is a great amp, but now that the new 2010 rectifiers have come out, i recommend getting that instead. The mesa boogie dual rectifier classic head polished diamond plate. Free mesa boogie diagrams, schematics, service manuals. Mesa has continued to introduce new models in the 2000s and 2010s, with. The mesa boogie dual rectifier solo head is a 100 watt tube guitar amplifier head that offers three channels with two modes each, as well as controls for master, presence, treble, mid, bass, and gain. Your mesaboogie amplifier is a professional instrument. If you use the rectifier tube setting on your amp go ahead and pull one rectifier tube it wont matter which one. Mesa dual rectifier roadster as your amplifier and welcome to the er roadster. So successful were these products that they took the company to a new level among the worlds amp manufacturers. Mesa boogie dual rectifier classic guitar amplifier head music. Determining a version i from a version ii single rectifier.

My roommates had some variant of the mesa boogie mark series and i always loved the sound. Super clean setting from 3 channel dual rectifier manual. Mesaboogie triple rectifier 150watt tube head gold diamond faceplate. By purchasing and choosing this unit to be a part of your. Mesa boogie 100100 2020 22 series 290 295 395 400 5050 50150 bass 400 blue angel standard caliber d180 dc series dual rectifier express f series lonestar mini rectifier mk1 mk2 mk3 mk4 mk5 mmic nomad 100 nomad 45 quartet preamp road king roadster tremoverb rocket 44 satellite simul class single rectifier nomad 55 solo 50 sob. Mesaboogie 2x12 compact rectifier cabinet mesa boogie. Grail tone mesa boogie rectifier series amp settings. I want to buy mesa boogie dual recto, but i have a few questions. Mar 16, 2010 overall, the dual rectifier exudes an aura of prostandard efficiency, built to handle any situation with power to spare and everything you could possibly need from a modern multichannel guitar head.

The 2x12 compact rectifier cabinet may be the biggest sounding compact 2x12 cab youll ever plug into. Originally picked up a 2009 model on a blowout sale but then was informed that the new 20102011 reborn mkii models had a few more options, improved sound and were available with the black jute front panel. Aug, 2010 mesaboogies latest incarnation of the dual rectifier offers an incredibly broad range of tonal possibilities, thanks to its combination of new featureslike multiwatt operation, an assignable series effects loop, and the new lone starmark v clean voicings in channel 1as well as the legacy voicings in channels 2 and 3. Olli spielt diesen brachialen power amp fur euch an. This mesa mini gives me an awesome marshallish crunch sound on the pushed mode of channel 1, with the gain maxed and the master above 12 oclock. This mesa boogie dual rectifier available to download in pdf document and separated image files. Is it morally wrong to try to clone a mesa dual rectifier. How can i tell which version single rectifier amp solo 50, rectoverb 50 i have. Dec 18, 2015 mesaboogie dual rectifier solo head in 1989, smith designed the amp that would change the face of guitar tone. That said, if you have this amp already, theres no huge reason to go run out and buy the latest 2010 model. Fja modded mesa boogie 2 channel dual rectifier clip 3 by fjamods. Unfollow mesa boogie dual rectifier to stop getting updates on your ebay feed.

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